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Reba St. Clair

Team Leader | Premier Director | Broker/Salesperson 

702.539.0835 | rebastclair@living-vegas.com | BS.1044475

A realtor since 2007, Reba is focused on providing our clients with superior service by continuously improving the knowledge, tools and talent of The St. Clair Group.  This includes utilizing social media, direct marketing and the vast networks of Corcoran Global Living to help you find or sell your home.  She has over 30 years of experience spanning business, military and civic organizations and has received numerous awards and recognition.  Reba’s approach is both professional and personable and she always has the client’s best interest in mind.


Devone Donley

Team Manager | Broker/Salesperson 

702.802.9768 | devone@living-vegas.com | BS.1044467

Expanding our capability, Devone brings over 15 years of experience in commercial real estate valuation, investments and development to The St. Clair Group.  In addition, he has comprehensive marketing skills honed while obtaining his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University – focused in finance management, real estate and urban analysis – and his Master of Real Estate Development graduate degree from the University of Southern California. This combination of skills and commercial experience enables him to analyze, and then translate that data, into either a marketing strategy designed to sell, or, a pricing rationale geared to effectively guide negotiations in the purchase or sale of your home.


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